• Pee Wee Gaskins - Tatiana (chord)

    INTRO : A D F# D E

    well i'll wait until you listen
    every words i have to say
    noticing how bad i've been this week
    now you're lying on the table
    with everything i've said to you
    so let's start over

    so you and i both know

    CHORUS :
    stay with me please til at least forever
    you're my current obsession
    my favorite position

    you're inner light
    do something bright
    a glory without its victory
    every word i've said to you
    were the words that i mean the most
    i'll never let you go

    oh, can we stay like this forever?

    INTERLUDE : B C#-D F# G# A (2X) E
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    Anonymous said...

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    Sany Aji M. said...

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